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Renewable Energy Industry

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   Wind - Solar - Geothermal - Biofuels - Biogas - Biomass

Alternative Energy Advisors

 Thomas Williams - Arlen Van Draanen - Eric Wilson - Sheila Anderson - Richard Martinez
Houston - Seattle - Chicago 

About Us

Our Services

 Technology Development and Optimization   
 Utilize our significant technical, engineering and design expertise
 to lead or support your technology development and optimization activities.    
 Project Development   
 Let us support your efforts or take the lead with our team of
 technical, legal and financial industry experts to make your project a reality.
 Project Finance   
Let us assist in creating the most favorable financial structure to meet your needs. 
 Equity, senior and subordinated debt - taxable or tax-exempt.  
 Let us optimize your project's financing.
 Project Construction  
 Let us monitor technical and financial progress to help
 manage on-time and on-budget construction performance.
 Project Start-up and Operations   
Let us contribute our technical and financial expertise to the
successful start-up and operation of your alternative energy project.  

Our Projects

 Wind Energy
 Traditional - Offshore
Stand Alone - Grid Connected
O&M Optimization
Distributed Energy Services

Solar Energy
Solar Concentration - Photovoltaic - Passive Solar
  Process and Water Heat
Space Heating and Cooling

Geothermal Energy
 Electricity Generation - Direct Use - Heat Pumps
Dry, Flash, Binary Steam
Traditional - EGS - Low Temperature

Biodiesel - Ethanol - Optimized Co-Products
Feedstocks: Traditional, Innovative, Byproduct
  Traditional and Emerging Hydrolysis Technologies
  Mixed Sugar Utilization - Advanced Sugar Separation

   Anaerobic Digestion: Traditional and Plug-Flow
Landfill Gas - Non-traditional Feedstocks
CAFO Management
  Pulp and Paper Co-Generation
Wood - Wood Waste - Crop Residue - MSW
Pre-Treatment - Heat Value Optimization

About Us

 Managing Partners

Thomas Williams 

Tom is President of Alternative Energy Advisors
and has over 15 years of senior industry experience. 
Tom has been involved in all levels of developing and implementing
Solar and Wind Energy Projects in North America and Europe.  
Thomas Williams and Arlen Van Draanen are the founders
of Alternative Energy Advisors.

Arlen Van Draanen 

Arlen has 25 years of senior industry experience. 
During that time he has developed, financed and operated 
Biofuels and Biomass-to-Energy Facilities throughout the U.S. 

Eric Wilson 

Eric is a Principal and Vice President of
Alternative Energy Advisors and has over 10 years experience
in energy industry project management.  

Sheila Anderson

Sheila is a Principal and Vice President of
 Alternative Energy Advisors and has over 15 years experience
in energy industry engineering management.

Richard Martinez  

Richard is a Principal and Vice President of
Alternative Energy Advisors and has over 15 years experience
in energy industry project management.


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